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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Future Notebook- For Those that like to pretend working

Future notebook is almost here!

Same like the previous 2 posting, I am not even sure whether this is an advertisement from Lenovo or real product in testing, but........I would love to have this so that I can go for lunch for 3 hours and pretend working ha ha ha.

just kidding, anyway, watch it for yourself.

Notes: Lenovo is a company that bought over IBM Thinkpad notebook.

My Comment: I want to have one notebook like this :).


Notebook Testing - Flying Notebook

I am always curious how company do the test for the notebook.

In this movie clip, I am still not very sure whether this is an advertisement or a real product under testing.

But its really cool to see the testing. When I see the clip, my jaw can not close.

You dont believe me ? See it for yourself.Notes: Lenovo is the company that bought over IBM Thinkpad.

Movie Clip:

My comment: I hope this is a real product :).


Coffee - Spill Over to Notebook

Admit it, how often that we are drinking our drink or eating and its spill over to the keyboard. How clean is your keyboard?

Lenovo was testing this notebook. I am not even sure whether this is a testing or advertisement, but its kinda cool :-)

See it for yourself.

My comments: Cool. Whether this is advertisement or not, I still would like this thing to happen :).


Monday, March 27, 2006

Joke - Important to have friend

No need to have narration, just use your imagination to read this picture :)

You can double click the picture to see it clearly.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Ice Age II - The Melt Down

After the Ice Age, here it comes the continuation.
The melt down. I believe this will be as funny as the 1st one. I always laugh whenever I see the clip in the Shopping mall :).

This movie is expected to hit the theatre on 31st March 2006. oops thats next week. Anyway Enjoy the trailer :).

The story just like the title said, the melt down, meaning that the Ice Age era is almost over, so the Ice is melting down, but this will bring another disaster because when the ice melts the glacial will come down to the valley where they live. So our friends, the 3 heroes has to set a journey once again :)

Yahoo Movie Trailer

More info: Yahoo Movie Details


Trailer - Mission Impossible III

Mission Impossible III.
Tom Cruise will be the actor again in this movie :). This movie is expected to be released on 5th May 2006 World wide.

Another action movie, I can not wait to see this movie too. I am a fan of New Mission Impossible when its still showing in the TV Series.

After watching the New Mission Impossible, when I watch the "Old Mission Impossible", its kinda weird he he he.

Trailer: Movie Trailer from Yahoo

More Info: Yahoo Movies


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

X-Men 3 Trailer Movie Clip

X-Men 3 Movie Clip has been out for quite some time. Take a look at Yahoo Movie.

URL: Yahoo Movie

The story line will be: Human manage to find the cure for the X-Men Gene. The cure will make them be normal again ...i.e. powerless...normal human. So is that mean this is the end of X-Men ?? lets find out when the movie shows up

I definitely will watch it since I believe the graphics will be superb :).


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Movie Clip - Too Much Money

What will happen when you have too much money and you have some old equipment at home?

Stored it ??, Sell it? Or ........

See it for yourself then :)




PS: When I have money, I will never and never do that to my own things. But sometimes when you are frustated MAYBE you will feel relief after doing that :P


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Movie Clip - Interview about Dell PC

I found this on the web,

Interesting Clip about a TV show,when a guy phone in and talk about the usage of his Dell PC.

I was laughing all the way when I heard the interview:

Enjoy the clip.